Publicidad Gigante focuses on 3 areas of advertising

TV, Radio and Billboard Advertising

Publicidad Gigante is an agency that specializes in creating strategies and innovative ideas for businesses that wish to explore the great world of marketing. We make your business look good to the masses!

We understand and know the needs that each business requires in order to achieve their goals and growth. Furthermore, we recognize that the time and trust they place in our agency is invaluable and for that reason we place all of our time, experience and full dedication to each detail of the marketing catered for our business partners. We work closely and shoulder to shoulder with the largest and most important radio and television networks. We also work with billboard companies that offer opportunities for high visibility in targeted specific areas. Our offices are located in Houston to facilitate access for our local clients but offer a variety of media platforms that include many other large markets.

Publicidad Gigante is the marketing agency that will give you the edge. We have more that twenty-four years of experience and we plan to put our capabilities and weight to super serve our partners. We have offered excellent leadership on important marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses and we plan to continue to energize more.

“If your business looks good from the outside, from the inside is a reflection of you”.


We know and recognize the power of radio and are aware of the profitable gains that this media platform may bring with the right guidance. We work with our business partners on specific targeted campaigns with spots to fit every budget from: 15 second, 30 second, and 1-minute ads. We also know the power of the 30-minute program infomercials and know how to blend the infomercial with the targeted listener to make transitions pleasing to the ear and fruitful for our business partners. We also offer live radio remote broadcasts from nightclubs and live remotes with radio hosts and Hoopla.


One of the most powerful methods to conduct the marketing of your business is through the Television platforms and for some it may be far reaching. Publicidad Gigante has the knowledge and creativity that your business needs to make sure every dollar spent is placed to target your possible consumers. Publicidad Gigante prides in working with our business partners in generating dreams in to ideas and ideas into realities that can be seen on television. We also make sure that we use the right television channels to target the demographic group most susceptible to be the consumer according to the needs. We also provide a variety of television channels that will fit the budget without sacrificing the main goal to reach the consumer.

If you think that television advertising is too expensive, it will be more expensive for your business to think like this.

Production for Television

We have quality high definition cameras and unrivaled production to suit our business partners. We offer 15 second, 30 second, and 1-minute spots or program infomercials that suit every budget. Our commitment to every television spot begins from the formulation of the idea to dialogues, scripts and the final finished product.

Radio and Television Talent

Our agency also networks with a great variety of radio and television talent that speak the required language for the business target. We also work with talent for Billboards and print media.


Our agency also works in the design and production of billboards of all sizes to fit the need and budget of our business partners. We have prime spots that include visibility from the freeways. We offer competitive prices and prime locations.

Website Design & Social Media

Currently social media is a fundamental platform for all businesses. We know how to work webpages for all types of businesses, from Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and You Tube channels. We also offer our business partners radio and television social media and streaming inclusion for their marketing campaigns.


Our clients extend from some of the following types of business industries.

Auto Dealerships

We believe that the individuals involved in the day-to-day operations of a dealership can benefit greatly from every vehicle sold. That is why we take special interest that our business partners move inventory out of their lots as quickly as possible.

With every vehicle sold there is profit and prosperity for all.

Real Estate

The fulfillment of the American dream brings satisfaction on many levels. We pride on the number of properties we have been helped sale and the communities that had spurred out of our involvement. We understand that the purchasing of a home or a property may be for some, the greatest and most serious investments that they partake in their lives. We recognize that purchasing a property or a home may be a life changing choice that for most solidifies the family and many other positive things will happen. We appreciate the different roles from the real state to financing and have worked with both sides of the business. For this reason we are pleased in the marketing experience we have provided our business partners in connecting customers to a good home therefor-achieving goals.

One thing occurs when you purchase a home for your family; they end up loving you more!


The laws of this country are ever changing. We have worked with many legal offices that have practiced family law, civil law, Texas law, federal law, immigration, injury law, and everything else in between. We have developed marketing strategies with our business partners that have proven to grow their business outreach.

We believe that you should never speak about your legal dilemmas with coworkers or with anyone that has more problems than you; it’s better to hire a good attorney.

Medical Industry

For medical clinics, doctors, plastic surgeons, vein centers, dentists, general medicine, and natural medicine, health is an every day concern.For this reason we take this area of marketing very serious. We strongly believe that this field is a profession that may be marketed as a service to the public with health information and the best location to visit. We trust that when the customer makes a personal connection with our business partners not only do they find help to deal with their medical issues but also they find a doctor for life. We will create a business strategy that will be catered to your needs and drive the message home.

We deem that medicine may have its risks, untreated illness is worse, but a good decision does not.

Furniture Stores

Houston has thousands of furniture stores and for this reason the success that our clients and business partners have had is attributed to the knowledge and experience we have in this field. We have discovered and crafted the magic of using the different media platforms to create an image that fits the need and brings the buyer. We will use our experience to place your business out to the public by giving it a unique and genuine difference from the rest.

The color of the furniture may enhance the home but the quantity of the sale excites THE SELLER.

General Market

Publicidad Gigante offers more that twenty-four years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of pleased clients that have opened their doors through us and we had seen them flourished. We honor their trust and in return offer a good business plan that will make your business grow to meet your goals. Every client that comes to us is an opportunity for us to grow and to challenge what we know and build a unique plan. We place all of our knowledge at your disposal and are committed to see you grow, excel, meet and exceed your goals. Your success is our motivation.

Having a business is like having a car, both require adequate maintenance.