Publicidad Gigante Advertising Agency L.L.C.

Our Mission

Expose our business partners to the designated market where we know they may obtain the most business return from potential consumers of the product in question. The investment and trust that our business partners place in us the pinnacle that drives our commitment to see you grow. We take on the responsibility to give you the best results for your business.

Our Vision

There is no such thing as a small business for us. We understand that no matter how small the business may be; to you it may mean the world. Every business project undertaken is placed under the same scope of scrutiny in quality. Making your business grow is our greatest satisfaction.

Brand Creators

A fundamental element of success is the creation of a business brand identity for the business or creating an identity to the business brand because this will determine whether the potential consumer may choose one brand from the other. We will assist from logo making to product market placing by giving you a personality.

Events and Promotions

We consider our selves experts in the organizing of large events like festivals, business expos, and concerts. We have discovered that this business model can produce immediate exposure and results for our business partners therefore increasing outcomes.


We have a creative department that specializes in generating inspired ideas that will encourage our business partners to make a better and more informed assessment on their business model before finalizing any decision.

Direct Marketing

We manage coupon campaigns, special deal editions, flyers, through the mail, email, social media, and door to door.

Business Campaign Planning

We plan intelligent and efficacious business marketing strategies and vet the media outlets that will be used for the marketing of your business. We also review statistics of the targeted audience that may be interested on the product to make the best fit. We also use other measuring tools like radio and television ratings to make sure that our media options are competitive in the market.

We understand and know the needs that each business requires in order to achieve their goals and growth. Furthermore, we recognize that the time and trust they place in our agency is invaluable and for that reason we place all of our time, experience and full dedication to each detail of the marketing catered for our business partners. We work closely and shoulder to shoulder with the largest and most important radio and television networks. We also work with billboard companies that offer opportunities for high visibility in targeted specific areas. Our offices are located in Houston to facilitate access for our local clients but offer a variety of media platforms that include many other large markets.

Publicidad Gigante is the marketing agency that will give you the edge. We have more that twenty-four years of experience and we plan to put our capabilities and weight to super serve our partners. We have offered excellent leadership on important marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses and we plan to continue to energize more. “If your business looks good from the outside, from the inside is a reflection of you”.