We provide a variety of television channels that will fit the budget without sacrificing the main goal to reach the consumer.


We know and recognize the power of radio and are aware of the profitable gains that this media platform may bring with the right guidance.


We have prime spots with visibility from the freeways. We offer competitive prices and prime locations.

Get the exposure you need to take over your industry.

Thousands of people want to know about your business.

Publicidad Gigante is an agency that specializes in creating strategies and innovative ideas for businesses that wish to explore the great world of marketing. We make your business look good to the masses!

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Why Hire Us?

Publicidad Gigante is the marketing agency that will give you the winning edge. We have more that twenty-four years of experience and we plan to use our knowledge and experience to serve our partners.

Our Goal

We have offered excellent leadership on important marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses and our plan is to help many more. Our goal is to make your business profitable from all angles.

Powerful Network

We work closely and shoulder to shoulder with the largest and most important radio and television networks. Our powerful network of friends in the industry is sure to benefit your business.


We work around your schedule period. We understand that you have things to do and ends to tie when it comes to your business and the last thing you need is an advertising company who is difficult to work with.

Get ready to stand out

We are thankful for the 24+ years of your loyalty. Publicidad Gigante has created thousands of memories for our clients throughout the years and we want to say that our gratitude is most sincere. Your business is very important to us.


What people say about us

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Having a business is like having a car, both require adequate maintenance.


Below you will find some of the services we provide.


One of the most powerful methods to conduct the marketing of your business is through the Television platforms and for some it may be far reaching.

Radio Advertising

We know and recognize the power of radio and are aware of the fruitful gains that this media platform may bring with the right guidance.


Our agency also works in the design and production of billboards of all sizes to fit the need and budget of our business partners.

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We are conveniently located in the Southwest area of Houston.

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